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Pet Vet Clinic.

We specialize in acupuncture and orthopedic manipulation for dogs, cats and birds, combining the best of both Eastern and Western practices.

Modern research is confirming that the ancient arts of acupuncture and chiropratic have great benefits to our animal companions, bringing relief from pain, respiratory disorders, dermatological conditions, and orthopedic and central nervous system disorders.

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Extraordinary care.

Highly trained staff.

Holistic approach.

The best of Eastern and Western practices.

We welcome you. 
The Pet Vet Clinic is proud to be at the forefront of bringing these healing practices to the region.

We invite you to spend some time here and learn about acupuncture for pets and how the clinic can bring healing to your four-footed or winged friend.

Pet Vet Clinic
Dr. Theodore V. Yuhas, VMD
1602  E. Passyunk Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Office hours by appointment
(215) 271-2800